[Art-instructors] FW: note about adding classes

Keith Patterson kpatterson2 at fsu.edu
Wed Aug 21 09:33:31 EDT 2019

Hi Everyone!
Welcome back!

Please note that if a student (usually a non-major) comes to you to be added to your class, that student must come to you for permission to be added as well as to get an add slip from you with your signature on it.  The student will bring the slip to me.  My laying eyes on the students will keep us all from having to chase them down if there is a hold on their account.  You may get requests from non-majors who have not had the pre-reqs for your class.  I defer to your judgement in those cases.

My understanding is that no class is to go over cap.  If you have questions about that, please email Stephanie.  :)

I put add/drop slips in the faculty mailboxes. I've also attached an email copy which isn't pretty but it gets the job done!
Drop/add opens this Saturday at 12:01 am.

If you have questions about the drop/add process, please email me?

Be well and be safe out there in the world!

June Dollar
Undergraduate Advisor
FSU Department of Art
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