[Art-instructors] Grades Due Tuesday, May 7th

Keith Patterson kpatterson2 at fsu.edu
Mon Apr 29 15:55:43 EDT 2019

Good afternoon all,

This is an early reminder that grades are due in by May 7th at 4:00PM. We are being proactive and beginning these reminders ahead of schedule.

For those instructors who are new to this process or who may need a refresher, follow these steps to submit your grades:

  *   Go to www.my.fsu.edu<http://www.my.fsu.edu/> and log in using your FSUID and password.
  *   From the left side of the portal page, choose Teaching -> Faculty Center to get to My Schedule.
  *   Click the Grade Roster icon (which looks like a small person lecturing) next to the class whose grades you want to submit. The "Go" button should light up after a few moments.
  *   Click the Go button to access the grade roster.
  *   Click the Roster Grade drop-down next to the student's name and select their grade.
     *   NOTE: a dialog box may continually appear as you enter grades reminding you that you have unsaved data. This is normal. Once you have entered all of the grades you intend to enter in one sitting, you can click Save to dismiss this.
  *   The Grade Roster Action drop-down at the top of the roster will always be in the Not Reviewed status by default. You must change this status manually in order to submit your grades. Please remember to change the Approval Status to Approved. Your grades are not submitted if this is not done.

A more complete guide (with screenshots) is available from the university's Student Central information site here<http://www.sc.my.fsu.edu/faculty/how/use-grade-rosters-faculty-center>.

Please note: myFSU may default you to a different semester than Fall 2018. Please be sure to double-check the semester you are working when you reach the My Schedule page!

As usual, you will receive reminders periodically leading up to the due date for grades. We appreciate your hard work this semester and thank you in advance for taking a proactive approach to getting grades entered!

Thank you,
Keith Patterson

Academic Program Specialist
Department of Art
Florida State University

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