[Art-instructors] The Spring 2019 Sculpture Lab Clean Up

Carolyn Henne chenne at admin.fsu.edu
Mon Apr 15 16:44:14 EDT 2019

The Spring 2019 Sculpture Lab Clean up is:
-  Thursday evening, 4/25, 6-9pm -
-  Friday, 4/26, 9am-3pm -

  *   All students who used the lab this semester are required to participate

     *   you will need to sign in
     *   if you cannot be there, check with Richard for tasks you can do beforehand
     *   we will be reporting back to your instructor regarding participation

  *   Students need to clean out their stuff from the lab - shelves, lockers, and anywhere else

     *   everything must go BEFORE clean up unless students have made special arrangements with Richard and clearly labeled their items with their name and phone number
     *   LOCKERS: If students are using hall lockers or lockers in the lab, students must empty them and leave them open.  Items left in lockers after the clean up will be thrown away.
     *   NO WORK CAN BE STORED IN THE LAB (or the hallway).
     *   RETURN "BORROWED" TOOLS - drills, drill bits, glue bottles, clamps, tape measures, screw drivers, sanders, heat guns

  *   If students don’t remove their own items, they may get thrown away or given to someone who will do the removal
  *   Note:  Things going in the trash (boxes, sculpture, long material) must get broken down so we can fit everything in the trash area

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