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Meredith Lynn mllynn at fsu.edu
Wed Oct 31 14:28:36 EDT 2018

Dear Art Faculty,

I am writing to share some information about his year’s faculty show and also initiate a conversation about how the museum can best partner with the Department of Art to showcase your work. I know that you are all busy, and I apologize for this rather long email.

Preston and I have both received helpful feedback from a number of faculty members over the past few months, and now understand that there are some inherent challenges for this exhibition. We ask for your patience as we try new things in hopes of making the show work better for everyone. Two concerns that we have heard are that the show is too short and too crowded and that there is not programming to support the exhibition. We have a couple ideas on how to address those concerns.

First, we’d like everyone to drop off their work prior to leaving for winter break. If we have all of the work in the Museum by December 21, we will be able to hang the show during the break and open it a week earlier than usual (see the draft schedule below). We are also going to make the galleries on the Museum’s lower level available this year. By adding the lower level, we will be able to show more of your work to better advantage.

Second, it does not appear that there has been consistent programming offered during the exhibition, and organizing that programming has previously been the responsibility of the Department of Art. This year, coinciding with the faculty show, the Museum will host a series of short lectures by new faculty from across the college. In addition, Preston and I will do gallery talks and continue to offer some of the programs that we are making regular features at the Museum (Saturday and evening events, class visits, etc).

We are not proposing any large changes to the faculty show this year, just some small shifts to increase its impact. Once Preston and I can better understand how it works, what it currently does, and what it could do, we might propose some more exciting modifications for the exhibition in the future. We are committed to our partnership with the Department of Art, and we look forward to working with all of you.

Ok, now to the logistics!

Who is Invited to Participate: Everyone! Full time faculty as well as our part time colleagues are all given an opportunity to show work.

How Much Work Can You Include: There isn’t an easy answer to this. Since we’ve added space, it will be a bit different from previous years. Once we get a better understanding of who intends to participate, we’ll have a better idea of how much space everyone will get.

November 15: Email me (mllynn at fsu.edu<mailto:mllynn at fsu.edu>) to confirm your participation.
November 15 – December 1: Either Wayne or I will contact you to discuss how much space you need. By December 1, you will have a good idea of how much work you can include. During this stage we will also send you loan agreements.
December 21: Artwork and loan agreements due to the Museum.
January 7 – 31, 2019: Show is open to the public.
January 11, 6-8pm: Opening reception
February 1 – 3: Artwork pickup

If you have any questions, please let me know. As always, feel free to stop by my “office” (the MoFA conference room) to chat.

All the best,

Meredith Lynn
Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts
530 West Call Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32306-1140
Office: (850) 644-6836
Mobile: (617) 447-4175
mllynn at fsu.edu<mailto:mllynn at fsu.edu>
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