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Subject: FW: [OPD] FW: [FSUSponsoredResearch] Impact of Federal Government Shutdown on Federally Funded Projects

Good Afternoon,

This should have gone out to all the chairs and Directors this afternoon. Please make sure this information is distributed to your faculty and staff as needed.

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Subject: [OPD] FW: [FSUSponsoredResearch] Impact of Federal Government Shutdown on Federally Funded Projects

Deans, Directors and Department Chairs:

Please see the note below from Kerry Peluso outlining the impact of the shutdown on federal projects.
Dear Research Community:

With the federal government shut down as of January 20, 2018, you may be concerned about what effect this will have on your federally-funded grants or contracts.  While each federal agency has its own procedures to follow during a shutdown, most have similar approaches of how to handle grant and contract administration until the federal government is funded.  Please see below for answers to common questions related to federal grants and contracts during a federal government shutdown.

Should I stop work?
In general, researchers may continue work on grants that have been awarded unless the project requires significant involvement of federal agency employees.  Federal contracts that do not receive a specific “stop work order” should continue work.

Researchers on grants and contracts that do NOT have obligated federal funds or are not in FSU advance status should not continue work.  This includes projects without advance status that are relying on 90 day pre-award spending.  If you are uncertain about whether your grant or contract has obligated funds or is in advance status, please contact your SRA Grants Officer for assistance.

What if I need a change of personnel, a rebudget, or a no-cost extension?
During the federal government shutdown, federal personnel will not be available to administer grants and contracts.  This means that, if your active project requires prior approval for a budget modification, a change in key personnel, a no cost extension, or any other change that does not fall within expanded authorities, the change cannot be requested or occur.  The request for approval will need to occur when the federal government is funded by congress.  The change cannot occur until the shutdown ends and approval is requested/received.   If the change falls under expanded authorities and can be approved internally within FSU, the change (if approved) can occur during the shutdown.  Please contact your SRA Grants Officer if you need assistance in determining what type of approval is required for your change.

What about my proposal?
Some agencies will continue to accept automated proposals during the shutdown but others will not.  Please check the sponsor’s web site to be sure.  A link to specific agency contingency plans can be found here: https://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/agency-contingency-plans/<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__www.whitehouse.gov_omb_agency-2Dcontingency-2Dplans_&d=DwMGaQ&c=HPMtquzZjKY31rtkyGRFnQ&r=VINjTAL7T0VYkea70KHIB_qfa5i1a_UdQ9trcL959OA&m=nO4NYbOGbnPM3UULXytUPPrkq2tE_ujyX5EpXRm1gdM&s=tyk1LDjBhqUsia1SK--WJmxlIWICuQlfGyF6aq3xDkg&e=>.

Where’s my new or continuing award?
No new non-essential federal grants or contracts will be issued until normal operations resume.  FSU is not likely to see any new federal grant or contract awards during the shutdown.

In addition, non-competing continuations will not be issued until normal federal operations resume.  If your grant or contract period is ending and you have not received your renewal, you will be facing a hiatus and should redistribute project personnel effort to non-federal projects as of the end of the project period until the government resumes normal operations.

Should you have any questions about your specific circumstances, please contact Pamela Ray, Director, Sponsored Research Administration at pray at fsu.edu<mailto:pray at fsu.edu> or 850-644-8643.

Kerry Peluso
Assistant Vice President for Research Administration and Finance
Office of Research, Florida State University
3012 Westcott North Annex, Tallahassee, FL  32306-1330
Phone (850) 644-8664
kpeluso at fsu.edu<mailto:kpeluso at fsu.edu>

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