[Art-instructors] Nothing Nice to Say - pop up show!

Lauren Ashley Baker lsb15b at my.fsu.edu
Mon Feb 5 23:51:54 EST 2018

Hi Faculty Members,

I would like to extend an invitation to you to come over to my house on Saturday, February 10th at 8pm for a pop-up house show entitled "Nothing Nice to Say" by Lisa Co & Lauren Baker.

Art work on display around our house. I will also be doing a performance this evening and would like to warn you of its graphic nature. For my performance I have acquired some pink bunny peeps (a marshmallow candy) and some pinkies (frozen baby mice). Most-likely there will be nudity involved. No hard feelings if either cannot come or you would rather not come.

If you dare stop by, the details are listed below:

Saturday, February 10th @ 8pm

2831 Boatner Street, Tallahassee FL 32310

Lauren Baker

lsb15b at my.fsu.edu



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