[Art-instructors] FW: Question about a medical excuse

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Keith Patterson

Academic Program Specialist
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Date: Thursday, February 1, 2018 at 9:47 AM
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Subject: FW: Question about a medical excuse

Good morning,

Please see the below message from Dr. Janet Kistner regarding student medical excuses and forward it to all faculty within your departments.


Elizabeth Major
Office of the Dean, College of Fine Arts
Florida State University
Fine Arts Building 236
emmajor at fsu.edu<mailto:emmajor at fsu.edu>
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Subject: FW: Question about a medical excuse

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Dear Colleagues:

Please forward this important note from the Interim Director of University Health Services to all department chairs, school directors, and program directors in your unit, for immediate distribution to faculty.

Following the trend for Florida, University Health Services has had a significant increase in flu numbers over the past three weeks.  We are currently seeing as many students as we can for flu-like illnesses, but it is critical for all students who are sick to limit contact with others.  Per the CDC, if a person has a fever, it is important to limit their contact with others until the fever is gone for at least 24 hours without taking fever-reducing medications.  We would recommend that professors take this into consideration regarding their absence policies,  when working with students who are sick with flu-like symptoms and a fever, in light of the current rise in numbers.  This is one of the best ways we can help prevent the spread of infections to others in the campus community.

Amy Magnuson, Ph.D., RD, LD/N
Interim Director, University Health Services

This notification sent on behalf of Janet Kistner, Vice President for Faculty Development and Advancement.

Kay Bartlett
Sr. Administrative Specialist
Office of Faculty Development and Advancement | Florida State University
Phone: 850.644.5196

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