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Greetings all,

Please see below for a note from Janet Kistner.

Thank you,

Jessica Webber, MSW
Academic Program Specialist
Department of Art
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Good morning,

The below message was sent to all department heads a few moments ago. Please help ensure this information is distributed to all teaching faculty within your departments as soon as possible.


Elizabeth Major
Office of the Dean, College of Fine Arts
Florida State University
Fine Arts Building 236
emmajor at fsu.edu<mailto:emmajor at fsu.edu>
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Date: Thursday, September 7, 2017 at 11:12 AM
Subject: FW: please send this announcement

ATTN:  DDDHC, the following is for immediate distribution to all instructional faculty and staff.

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Dear faculty and instructional staff,

As we head into this weekend I know you will join me in sending our thoughts and prayers to those in this state who are affected by Hurricane Irma.  This includes the over 7,000 National Guard men and women of the state who will be providing relief support over the next few days and weeks. FSU is happy to count a number of these individuals among our student body.  Please do everything possible to accommodate these students. This may include, wherever possible, make-up exams, excused absences, extra time for assignments, or incomplete grades for the term.

Thank you for your consideration.

Janet Kistner
Vice President for Faculty Development and Advancement

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