[Art-instructors] FAR Cornucopia: Pies & Art Supplies 11/20

Craig Fielding mfielding at fsu.edu
Tue Nov 7 16:47:07 EST 2017

Monday, Nov. 20, 7–9pm
Facility for Arts Research​

The harvest celebration takes a new twist at FAR! Join us for a potluck of food, conversation, and art supplies. Bring your surplus studio supplies OR a dish to share (or both!).

Gesso or jello, paper or pastries, wingnuts or walnuts, the items you bring earns you tickets to choose from the cornucopia of art goodies supplied by FAR and your fellow makers. Picking order will be drawn at random, but in this game, no one goes away hungry OR empty-handed!

​hat to bring
–your own plate, silverware, and cup
–food and/or art supplies to share
–a bag or box to carry your new materials!

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