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Good morning all,

Please see below for a note to all instructional faculty and staff regarding Summer C and the university’s non-attendance drop policy.

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Good Morning,

Please forward this email to all instructional faculty and staff.

The University's mandatory non-attendance drop policy is in effect for the first week of Summer C 2017 classes.  This policy requires all faculty and instructional staff to take attendance at the first class meeting of the semester. This policy is non-discretionary and applies to all classes, regardless of campus, space availability in the class, delivery method, course level, and/or academic college offering the class.

Students are aware of this policy and fully expect to be dropped for non-attendance.

Dropping students who do not attend class helps the University maintain compliance with both State of Florida Bright Futures and Federal Title IV financial aid regulations. Not dropping students for non-attendance will also impact students negatively in regards to the accumulation of excess credit, potentially causing them to pay out-of-state rates unnecessarily.

Methods for reporting and processing non-attendance drops:

        1.  Faculty. Go to the following link for instructions and screen shots: http://sc.my.fsu.edu/Faculty/How-To/Use-the-Attendance-Roster-Tool

        2.  Staff. Go to the following link for instructions and screen shots: http://sc.my.fsu.edu/Staff/How-To/Use-the-Attendance-Roster-Tool

        3.  Email. Send a message to registrar at admin.fsu.edu<mailto:registrar at admin.fsu.edu>. Please include the student's name, EMPLID, the course prefix and number and the course section number.

5th Day Classes and Non-attendance Drops

Once drop/add closes on Thursday, faculty will still be able to use the attendance tool for their Friday classes, but not for weekend classes. Please take attendance in any class that meets for the first time over the weekend and report those drops to the Office of the Registrar. Include the student's name, EMPLID, course prefix and number and section number.

Additional Information

We are no longer processing administrative cancellation requests on the fifth day of classes. Students that need to drop all of their classes will need to be directed to the Withdrawal Services Office.

Thank you in advance for reporting non-attendance as soon as possible.


Jeremy Johnson
Associate Registrar
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