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Hi Jamie,
I am sorry that this has been such an inconsistent communication about your idea.  We are going through our QER and have a number of other visitors and faculty searches in addition to normal stuff.

I think the best thing to do is to copy my faculty and instructors.  If they want to do a project that would dovetail with this, they will contact you directly.

As for the paper, I am sure we can put it to good use.


On Jan 11, 2017, at 10:48 AM, Valentine, Jamie <jlvalentine at fsu.edu<mailto:jlvalentine at fsu.edu>> wrote:

Hi Carolyn,

Wanted to check in on the feasibility of the art show: The outdoor amphitheater is available for our use April 18th. Let me know if I can support the outreach process in any way to see if there are interested students and faculty.

Also, we have vellum paper and wondered if it could be of use to the art department? There are 3 boxes of 100 24 x36 sheets.

Have a great day,


Jamie Valentine l  Program Coordinatior
O : 850 645 7818 l C : 503 410 4601

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Hi Carolyn,

I appreciate the questions, these are things I might not have considered otherwise.

-I was imagining students finding their own materials, cans, bottles, paper, cans, etc.
-The pieces ideally would be a size that can easily be moved and considers that there are other pieces at the event, so an entire wall/car sized piece would be a bit too much for this context.
-I was considering having the show at the outdoor amphitheater, but that can change if there are a lot of interested students or if most of it needs to be hung.
-I Not sure about prizes or awards-I would need to check with partners to see if they might want to donate something.
-I was thinking leaving the show open to have different mediums, but if you think this fits with a class, I would be interested in that.

Have a great weekend,


Jamie Valentine l  Program Coordinatior
O : 850 645 7818 l C : 503 410 4601

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Hi Jamie,
There could be interest.  I need a little more detail.
- do you plan to provide the recycled materials?  If so, what kind and how would that work?
- where would the show be? would there be limits in size?
- will there be prizes or awards?
- do you want this associated with a class or do you want us to promote this and individual students will participate?

Sorry to ask so many questions.  The other alternative would be for me to send your below email to the faculty and they can work with you directly if they want to incorporate this into a course.


Carolyn Henne
Chair, Department of Art<http://art.fsu.edu/>
Associate Dean, College of Fine Arts<http://cfa.fsu.edu/>
Florida State University
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On Jan 6, 2017, at 1:19 PM, Valentine, Jamie <jlvalentine at fsu.edu<mailto:jlvalentine at fsu.edu>> wrote:

Hi Carolyn,

I am the Program Coordinator at Sustainable Campus and wanted to connect about the feasibility of an art show using recycled materials. This would be open for students to create and develop a piece who use any type of art form or medium. Is that something students and/or faculty in the art department would be interested in and promote? How much advance time is typically given for these types of creative events?

Thank you,


Jamie Valentine l  Program Coordinatior
O : 850 645 7818 l C : 503 410 4601

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