[Art-instructors] Class Reminders and Assisting Students

DiDonna, Elizabeth edidonna at fsu.edu
Tue Jan 10 12:01:00 EST 2017

Welcome Back Instructors!

Here are some important reminders from Advising:

1) Students wishing to take your class when it’s full. Please do not send students to advising to try to get into your class. If we see that your class is full there is nothing we can do to add them unless you tell us that you are willing to go over your cap. If that’s the case, please email me. Grad students – you should not go over your cap!

2) Prerequisites. Students must have the prereqs for your class and it is the student’s responsibility to check for prereqs before registering for a class. Advisors do not approve students who do not have the prereqs. The online system will not block a student from registering so it is vital to communicate your prereqs on the first day. If we discover that a student is not eligible for a class – they will be dropped. If you would like us to check on a student, we’re happy to do that. If you have a student that is a special case (e.g. has an extensive background in art making but just starting our program) please get in touch with me or your area head/faculty supervisor.

3) First day attendance. Please remember to drop students who do not attend the first day of class.

Go to the following link for instructions and screen shots:


4) Incomplete “I” grades. Please keep in mind down the road that advisors do not administer/approve incomplete grades. Incompletes are determined by the instructor and are only given under extreme circumstances. If you are unsure whether to approve an incomplete – please contact me and/or your area head. Grad students – please check with your faculty supervisor first! More info on the sheet attached.

5) Student issues. If you have a student that is having difficulty, whether it is academic or not, please encourage them to see their academic advisor. Our advising staff can assist them with guidance, resources and a sympathetic ear.

I’m also attaching the Faculty and Staff Emergency Guide in case you need it. This guide can also be found here:       https://counseling.fsu.edu/documents/folder_final.pdf

If you encounter any student issues throughout the semester, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Have a great semester!

~ Liz

Elizabeth DiDonna
Academic Program Specialist, Advisor & Instructor

Department of Art
Florida State University
223 Fine Arts Building
Phone: (850) 644-8252
Email: edidonna at fsu.edu<mailto:edidonna at fsu.edu>

Connect: news.art.fsu.edu<http://news.art.fsu.edu/>

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