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just another reminder - spring semester is just in a few days.

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Hello FSU Art faculty,
Spring semester will come upon us quickly so here are some reminders.

Please take the time to make sure you are up to date on all of these.

1 - Important Event date:

The Annual Art Faculty Exhibition - Opening, Friday, January 13th from 6:00-8:00pm - will run from January 13th through February 5th.  Deliver you work by 4 pm on Tuesday, January 10th.

2 -  Syllabus requirements
The University
 requires that ALL syllabi include the statements found at http://facsenate.fsu.edu/Curriculum/Syllabus-Language
(It is a simple cut and paste)

The Department is requesting that you also include:
List all pre-reqs for your course.  If you do not know them, they can be found on the course schedule.
(then review the pre-reqs on the first day of class and confirm all students have them)

Please include this statement on your syllabus.
"If you are enrolled in this class without the appropriate pre-reqs, you may still be dropped from the class after add/drop."

Computer Requirements
All Studio Art students are required to purchase a laptop computer. This allows students to work seamlessly on their own machine in studio classes and computer labs. Details at:

NOTE!! this is update with new links
Department of Art News and Opportunities
All Studio Art students should subscribe to the Department of Art Weekly Email to receive notifications of events, news, and opportunities (calls for entry, workshops, jobs, scholarships, internships, etc).

     *   FSU Art News: http://art.fsu.edu/news/  (and Subscribe to Weekly Update at http://art.fsu.edu/news/monthly-newsletter/)
     *   FSU Art on Facebook: facebook.com/FSUDepartmentofArt<http://facebook.com/FSUDepartmentofArt>
     *   FSU Art on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/fsuartdept
     *   To submit your news, opportunities, images of your work: http://art.fsu.edu/connect/submit-news/<http://news.art.fsu.edu/connect/>

3- Leave  - If you need to miss a class, fill out a Leave Request Form as far ahead of time as possible.  If sick, call the office. (form is available in the office and on the wiki)

4- Listservs and faculty emails - for easy communication
"art-instructors at lists.fsu.edu<mailto:art-instructors at lists.fsu.edu>" <art-instructors at lists.fsu.edu<mailto:art-instructors at lists.fsu.edu>>
F/T Faculty
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Student listservs
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BA Listserv <art-bastudio at lists.fsu.edu<mailto:art-bastudio at lists.fsu.edu>>
MFA Listserv <art-mfastudio at lists.fsu.edu<mailto:art-mfastudio at lists.fsu.edu>>

9 - other things:

  *   if you want your students to install work on campus or around/in any of our shared buildings (FAB, CAB most specifically), please notify me ahead of time so I can get you proper permissions.
  *   NEVER spend your own money on something for which you expect to be reimbursed unless you have cleared it with Rob Berg.  In some cases we cannot reimburse you!

Carolyn Henne
Chair, Department of Art<http://art.fsu.edu/>
Director, Facility for Arts Research (FAR)<http://artsresearch.fsu.edu/>
Associate Dean, College of Fine Arts<http://cfa.fsu.edu/>
Florida State University
220 Fine Arts Building
Tallahassee, Florida  32306

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