[Art-instructors] End of Semester: Sculpture Lab Clean-up

Votzke, Luke lav12d at my.fsu.edu
Thu Apr 20 14:59:49 EDT 2017

This message is to everyone who has used the sculpture lab’s facilities,

If you have projects (finished or not), materials, or supplies, that reside anywhere, besides locked in your own personal locker, these belongings are in jeopardy of becoming lost to the end of the semester cleanup. These things must be removed by Thursday April 27 @10pm, or they will either join community piles or be thrown away. We apologize for the facilities not being capable of providing storage for you, but we must make way for new students, classes, and projects for the upcoming semester. We're trying to create an accommodating workspace for everyone. Please help us in this effort. If there is anything you are worried about, and for some reason you are incapable of taking care of your belongings by this date, please contact me, Luke Votzke at lav12d at my.fsu.edu<mailto:lav12d at my.fsu.edu> . We will work out an arrangement as long as we’re in communication and reach an understanding. I'm in the lab throughout the week and our phone number is 644-4810. I don't want anyone to come back to the lab disappointed, so please take notice.

Thank you and enjoy the summer,

Luke Votzke
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