[Art-instructors] Instructions for lab fee system

Berg, Robert rberg at admin.fsu.edu
Fri Aug 8 16:44:16 EDT 2014

Hello fall Art Faculty, Adjuncts, Instructors and Area heads/coordinators:

The lab fee approval system is ready to go for Fall and there have been some updates.

  *   Not all of you have lab fees to spend.  If you are unclear on that, please contact your area head.
  *   If your FSU id and password do not work in the system, please contact Rob Berg
  *   You can now view your previous orders.
  *   The system now displays whether or not your item has been ordered.
  *   You may have a proxy (someone that would have access to submit requests on your behalf), primarily for area access.



Art Course Fee Management System:

- Go to filemaker.cvatd.fsu.edu<http://filemaker.cvatd.fsu.edu/>
- click on Art Course Fee Management System
- Log in with your FSU id and password.
- Select Instructor Requests to view your courses for Fall 2014, you will see a list of your courses with the beginning and ending balances.
- If you are an area coordinator, you will be able to click Area Requests.  You will see the area balances.

To enter a request:
 - Click request to enter a new purchase request- Click view to see all your requests and their approval status.
- You will receive an update by email when the request is approved or denied along with any comments from the approver (Carolyn usually)

- Enter the vendor, short description, cost of all product from that vendor, shipping cost and paste details of your purchase into the notes section. (You need to make separate requests for each vendor.)
 - Click submit to finalize your request. You will receive a confirmation email.
- If you make an error click cancel to return to your list of courses.

Note: From any webpage in the lab fee system, click the FSU logo to go back. Do not use the browser's back button.

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