[Art-bfastudio] Reminder: Apply for Financial Aid (FAFSA)

HENNE, CAROLYN chenne at admin.fsu.edu
Mon Dec 14 16:31:54 EST 2015

Dear FSU Art Majors,

The FAFSA<https://fafsa.ed.gov/> must be completed in order to qualify for federal, state, and institutional grants as well as loan consideration and Federal Work Study.    This is not just about loans to be paid back - you could qualify for grants or work-study, too.

If you have an interest in working for the Department of Art, it is very important that you fill out the FAFSA form in order to qualify for a Federal Work Study Award.  We can only hire students who have Federal Work Study awards.

Funds for some awards are limited, so it is extremely important to apply as early as possible, beginning January 1st, 2015.

Need help or have questions about the FAFSA<http://www.finaid.ucsb.edu/FAFSASimplification/> or other Financial Aid<https://financialaid.fsu.edu/saveatrip/index.html>? Visit http://financialaid.fsu.edu<http://financialaid.fsu.edu/> for more information!

Hope you have a wonderful holiday and that you make some time for the FAFSA!


Carolyn Henne
Chair, Department of Art
College of Fine Arts
Florida State University
220 Fine Arts Building
Tallahassee, Florida  32306

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