[Art-bfastudio] last chance for smoking privilege

HENNE, CAROLYN chenne at admin.fsu.edu
Tue Dec 1 11:02:02 EST 2015

Hi all,
We have gotten more complaints about cigarette butts - all around CAB but especially out front.

Please figure out how to manage this.  In Europe (and in many parts of the states), it is commonplace to see a smoker stub out his/her cigarette and pocket the butt to dispose of later.  There are all sorts of ways to handle the butt problem.  

If it cannot be figured out, then CAB will be just like all parts of campus - Smoke Free.  

Note:  This is not something I want to have to deal with.  It’s boring and an annoying use of my time.  Please save me from having to scold you and monitor you and remind you etc etc etc  


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