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Dear Students,
The fall semester is quickly coming to a close and we are looking forward to the spring term!
There are still open seats available in the following classes. Register now before they fill or go away!
Remember that information about Focus Area courses and requirements is on the Department of Art website: http://art.fsu.edu/Undergraduate/Focus-Area-Templates-Course-Descriptions

Not sure what to take? Come in to FAB223 and see your advisor!

- Gabby Hatfield (Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors), ghatfield at fsu.edu<mailto:ghatfield at fsu.edu>
- Diane Dowling (Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors), ddowling at admin.fsu.edu<mailto:ddowling at admin.fsu.edu>
- Liz DiDonna (Seniors, BFAs, 5 Year Art Ed), edidonna at fsu.edu<mailto:edidonna at fsu.edu>

We have just opened new sections in:
- Typography ART4925C-0007, TR 9:05-11:35
PRE-REQ: All Foundations Courses; CO-REQ: History of Art and Technology (DIG3025)
- Aqueous Painting ART3542C-0002, TR 12:50-3:20

Please see below the following classes with brief descriptions:

BFA ALL MEDIA CRITIQUE, ART4930C, Lilian Garcia-Roig, TR 12:50-3:20
This is course is essentially a type of directed studies course. Lilian will work with each student individually as needed to help them meet their creative goals with the idea of helping them develop a potential thesis direction or body of work. It is a student driven course so it is ideal for any BFA student who is looking for some guidance and contact on a regular basis with faculty on their independent work but is not advanced enough yet to take the thesis class. There may be some group critiques and a show at CAB if the group desires.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED of ANY BFA who wants regular contact with faculty in their studios.

VIDEO ART, ART4928C-0007, Megan Wilson, TR 3:35-6:05
This course is an introduction to film and video art. We will explore the history of film and time-based art through film screenings, readings, and lectures. Previous experience in video production is not required. Students will learn the basics of video shooting, post-production and editing. Projects will explore a variety of genres including Documentary, Linear and Non-linear Narrative, Experimental, and Animation. Students who have already taken this course may repeat it with the option of designing an intensive semester long project. Contact Megan Wilson (mlw13c at my.fsu.edu<mailto:mlw13c at my.fsu.edu>)with any questions regarding the course. Prerequisites: All Foundations Courses, History of Art and Technology (DIG3025)

3D ANIMATION, ART4928C-0004, Keith Roberson, TR 9:05-11:35am
An introduction to simulating, modeling, and representing 3d forms using computers with possible applications including character-based animation, CNC (computer numerical control) printing and cutting, and other 3D or digital projects. Prerequisites: All Foundations Courses, History of Art and Technology (DIG3025)

WEB 2 - NETWORK ART, ART4928C-0003, Owen Mundy, MW 9:05-11:35am
This course introduces students to advanced interface design and programming concepts for creating dynamic internet applications for both practical and expressive ends. We will explore themes through readings, discussion, and film that address the public, chaotic, and political space that is the internet. Students will be challenged to not only conceptualize, but execute culturally-relevant web-based applications using professional tools in order to comment on, critique, or celebrate online culture to ultimately challenge our understanding of the web and its possibilities. Prerequisites: All Foundations Courses, History of Art and History (DIG3025), and Web 1: Network Art (ART4925C)

Advanced Workshop: PERFORMANCE, ART4928C-0002, Chuck Carbia, TR 7:05-9:35pm
This is a class for students to experiment and learn about the possibilities of performance art. Students do NOT need to have any previous experience doing performance work. They do NOT need to know how to 'act' - in fact we push for the opposite. They also do NOT need to be musicians or singers or have a boisterous personality. But, they WILL be required to take risks with their work.
Students should expect to do individual, collaborative and group performances for the class and in public spaces. We typically have a show at the end of the semester that provides the opportunity for students to present performances. We will also watch videos and movies and read about artists like Marina Abramovic, Guillermo del Toro Gómez, and Andy Kaufman.  Prerequisites: All Foundations Courses

Advanced Workshop: SCREEN PRINT, ART4929C-0005, Amy Fleming, MW 12:50-3:20
The Advanced Screenprint class for Spring will have a focus on experimental monoprint techniques, flocking, printing on alternative materials, as well as further development of screen printing processes learned at the Intermediate level. Prerequisites: Two Intermediate Printmaking Workshops (One MUST Be Intermediate Workshop: Screen Print)

THE PHOTOGRAPHIC BOOK, ART4928C-0006, John Mann, MW 3:35-6:05pm
In seeing the book as page spreads of horizontal spaces to fill, this class examines the horizontal nature of landscape as a metaphor for image sequencing. Along the way, we will be learning refined digital and analog photographic technique, specific to the needs of individual projects. The ultimate goal of this course is to work experimentally within photography, yet in concert with other media, and to push personal aesthetic boundaries. Prerequisites: PGY 2401C, PGY 2941C, & Media Wrkshp: Digital/ Color.

SCULPTURE I, ART2701C-0001, Leo McMillian, MW 9:05-11:35
Fun with Power Tools! This course covers concepts involving the interrelationship of mass, space and form which will be revealed through the manipulation of materials such as wood, metal and found objects. Students will learn to use a variety of hand tools and power tools (Band Saw, Table Saw, Miter Saw, Drill Press, Router plasma cutter, Acetylene Torch, Mig Welder, Grinders, Sand Blaster and the Laser Cutter) Prerequisites:ART1201C, ART1203, and ART1300C

SCULPTURE I, ART2701C-0002, Michael Diaz, MW 12:50-3:20
Sculpture 1 with Michael Diaz will design and build sculptures and installations that are inspired by contemporary artists using a wide variety of materials, from wood and metal to sight specific interventions and light installations. Although you will learn several methods of fabrication, emphasis will be on conceptual development and allowing room for the student to develop individual interests. Oh and there will be field trips! Prerequisites: ART1201C, ART1203, and ART1300C

BEGINNING CERAMICS,  ART3764C-0002, Brittany Watkins, TR 3:35-6:05
Designed to teach hand building, surface applications skills, concept development and critical dialogue within the axis of craft, design and contemporary art. Prerequisite: ART1203

INTRO TO PRINT, ART2400C-0003, Allison Milham, MW 7:05-9:35pm

An introduction to all print media including artists’ books, relief, etching, lithography and screen printing. Prerequisites: ART1201C, ART1300C.

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