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Hey BFAs... Hope this can help you prepare for your Formal Review this Friday!

Studio Visit Checklist

This list is intended to help students understand the general expectations of faculty who are reviews BFA students in a Formal Review.

General Expectations of Progression

First semester BFAs are generally expected to be integrating into the program, doing lots of broad reading and research.  Experimentation and working beyond your comfort-zone should be a primary focus.  

Second semester BFAs should be developing a body of works which are establishing a foundation for their soon-to-come thesis project.

Third semester BFAs are producing their thesis works, and seeking critique, vocabulary, and response to their works.


Students must pass Advancement in order to proceed to their Thesis/Exhibition Semester.  Students should be prepared to show ideas, research, process experiments, and related artworks which clearly indicate to the committee that the student is prepared to create a thesis artwork that meets the expectations of the program in concept development and craftsmanship.  Installation/Gallery sketches and draft artist statements regarding the thesis project are expected.  Thesis projects which are technically beyond the scope of the student's previous artworks and experiments usually don't pass advancement.

When faculty visit your studio, they expect to discuss and see certain specific aspics of your work, you may want to create a printed statement and be ready to talk about it. Pe prepared to discuss these issues, or write a statement which will:

Concepts and themes

Discuss concepts and themes from your ongoing art/design practice in at least two complete sentences. Feel free to list key words or phrases to help you with this. 
List artists and designers or anything else that inspires you. Describe how your work relates to the concepts and materials in their work. 
What are your primary projects? What are they about? How big are they? How will they be displayed? 
Be prepared to show visitors past images/examples of your work as well as sketches, 
models, moquettes, samples, other artists/designers, etc. 

1. List materials you are working with.
2. How do ideas in your work relate to your chosen materials?
3. Describe the ongoing experiments you have completed with these materials.

Body-of-Work/Thesis progress

1. Create a detailed timeline for completing your larger/thesis projects.
2. Describe your progress towards your Body-of-work/thesis. How far along are you? 

3. Prepare sketches, models, mockups, etc. to support these facts.
4. How do you intend to document this work?

Questions and conclusion

1. List questions you have for faculty, in terms of concept, materials, and execution. 

2. List other concerns you have for completing your projects/proposal.

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