[Art-bfastudio] Friday's BFA Formal Reviews DRAFT schedule

Keith Roberson kroberson at fsu.edu
Tue Nov 4 14:03:05 EST 2014

Faculty and BFAs,
Here's a first draft of the review schedule for this Friday's BFA Formal Reviews.
Please let me know if you can't participate, need to change time-slot, or have corrections.

BFA Formal Reviews
Friday, Nov. 7, 2014, 1:30-5PM
DRAFT SCHEDULE				* indicates Advancement
									Major Profs are bold

Committee 1:
Lillian G-R, Mark M, Carrie B

1:30	*Mary Williams	Lillian G-R
2		*Russell Green	Mark M, Anne S
2:30	*Danny Diaz(Doya)	Lillian G-R, Carrie B, Painting/Drawing
3		*Jordan Aman 	Mark M, Painting
3:30	Jenna Caire		Mark M, Lillian G-R
4		Courtney Sisko	Mark M, Lillian G-R

Committee 2:
Julietta C, Paul R, Anne S

1:30	*Tess Bennett	Julietta C, Paul R
2		*Stella Guillen	Paul R, Keith R, Terri L, Mark M
2:30	*Lee Anne Steers	Paul R
3		*Cassidy Routh	Anne S
3:30	*Sarah Meftah	Julietta C, Dan T
4		Todd Jones		Paul, Lillian G-R
4:30	Catherine Liu	Jullietta C, Anne S

Committee 3:
Dan T, Carolyn H, Judy R, John M

1:30	*Lindsey Monteiro	Dan T, Julietta C
2		Zak Weinberg	Sculpture, Painting
2:30	Alexis Beucler	Mark M, Terri L, Paul R, Judy R
3		Whitney Borkowski	Dan T, John M
3:30	Melissa Artieda	Dan T, John M
4		Maria (Linda) Ojeda
Committee 4:
Keith R, Owen M, Terri L, Joelle D, Rob D

1:30	*Katelyn Shallue 	Keith R, Rob D, Kevin C, Jeff B
2		*Lena Weissbrot	Owen M
2:30	*Diana Willits	Keith R, Owen M	
3		Anne Haines 	Anne S, Digital Media
3:30	Caitlin Hare		Terri L, Keith R, Julietta C
4		Riley Navarrete
4:30	Carlos Kempff

Committee 5:
Kevin C, Jeff B, Holly H, Mary S

1:30	Angela Merchan	Holly H, Jeff B, Kevin C
2		Rayna DeReus	Holly H, Painting
2:30	Michael Womack	Kevin C, Mary S
3		Connor Hersey	Painting
3:30	Joshua Polo
4		Jack Cavanaugh
4:30	Kylie McGinnis

Keith Roberson
Associate Professor of Digital Arts
BFA Programs Director, Art Department
Florida State University 
  email:  keith at art.fsu.edu
  phone:  (850)443-8739
  web:    http://k-roberson.com

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