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Hi all,
It is hot in there and it is going to get hotter for the next few days - they should be done drying the place out toward the end of the week.  Max did a walkthorugh with facilities people and they say the cleanup (including replacing some drywall) will take another couple of weeks.

Only the heat will be an issue for the BFA studios.
You are welcome to come in and work if you don't mind the heat.


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CAB took on a LOT of water last. A pipe in Pod B burst ON THE MFA SIDE. About. 3 " pipe that was gushing for about an hour.


Here's the thing.  They have 24 hours to prevent mold from forming.  This means the A/C will be turned off as of now and all doors closed.  That way no moist air will come in the building.  They have lots of heavy duty dehumidfiers to get everything dry.  The temperatures may get as high as 105 degrees.  All weekend.  Most likely A/C will be turned back on Monday.  And the spaces will be useable by then.

If you are in town, please come by as soon as possible if you think you have things that will be affected by the heat - it will be very dry heat which is a good thing.  Do NOT PROP any doors open.  It will counterproductive!!!

If you are out of town and are concerned about some of your things, please let me know.  If you have other questions, please let me know.


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