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May 5, 2016



FSU Art BA ’16 Mari Kyle, student and founding President of ACM SIGGRAPH @ FSU, has been selected as 1 of 15 students in the world accepted into the prestigious Fall '16 Interactive Media and Games Division at the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles in order to pursue the MFA Program from the School of Cinematic Arts.
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FSU Art MFA ’18 Ashton Bird and SOUP Experimental Gallery in the COCA Feature in the Tallahassee Democrat


Opening the gallery space has taught him how to find creative answers and solutions with everything from demolishing a shower, to installing a sink, to leveling a wall. Bird says traveling from South Dakota to Florida was a giant leap, but one that has given him confidence. He recognizes the ambitious goals he’s set forth for SOUP and is ready to meet them head on.

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UNDERBELLY at 621 Gallery Opening 5/6, 6-9 pm


UNDERBELLY, an exhibition of sculpture by Kelly Boehmer, opens First Friday, May 6, 6-9pm. On exhibit May 6 – June 25.

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Spring 2016 Courtyard Capstones Screenings at MOFA Recap


Under the direction of Keith Roberson (Art), Courtyard Capstones presented works on April 22nd from the 3D and Experimental Animation courses, as well as from the Video Art Course with contributions from the SIGGRAPH Student Club and a performance piece by Dance student Jenny Petuch. Friday night was a pilot event for future presentations of film at MoFA and so there were a few surprises (how long it stays light in the courtyards during daylight savings).

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SCAP Resident Artist Sara White Receives Prestigious Holle Book Arts Award


The prestigious Holle Award is designed to “recognize and celebrate leaders in creativity” in the fields of Book Arts, Media Writing, Public Speaking, and Screenwriting and includes a $10,000 (!) prize for the winner of each category.

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Brad Blair Earns a Solo Exhibition in Rockville, MD Titled “Future Unknown”


This exhibition will include new works by Blair that he has not exhibited before and includes ongoing themes alluding to issues of genetic engineering and biotechnology in today's world.

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Art Professor Lilian Garcia-Roig Featured at Art New York


Professor Garcia-Roig will have works featured at Art New York from May 3-8, 2016. Her works will be at Cernuda Arte (Booth B4) and she will be attending the VIP and opening day events at the fair on Tuesday, May 3.

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Lilian Garcia-Roig and Mark Messersmith in the Dallas Art Fair


FSU Art Professors Mark Messersmith and Lilian Garcia-Roig had works featured at the Dallas Art Fair by Valley House Gallery!

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