[Art-bastudio] Reminder: Nobody Told Me Opening tonight at Ogelsby

HENNE, CAROLYN chenne at admin.fsu.edu
Mon Nov 16 06:54:48 EST 2015

Nobody Told Me: An Exhibition at Oglesby Union Gallery, Opening 11/16

FSU Art students in Nobody Told Me, a one week semi-interactive exhibition about unspoken occurrences with our bodies, from menstruation, to mental illness, to sexual and gender exploration.

Caroline Van Doering
Alexa Turnbull
Hadley Knapp
Ashley Armitage
Sara Caruso
Nadia Wolff
Courtney Sisko
Opening night performance by
Julia Doering & Sydney Parker
The Ogelsby Gallery is on the second floor above Chili’s in the FSU Ogelsby Union.
Opening reception will be November 16th from 6-10 pm and the hours for the rest of the week are from 8am-10pm, the last day being November 22nd.


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