[Art-bastudio] There are still seats left for the Sam Kronick workshop!

RAY, MICHELLE mlray at fsu.edu
Tue Feb 25 12:39:23 EST 2014

As a part of the formLab Project Fellows program at FAR, Sam Kronick will be conducting a FREE workshop this coming Friday (9AM-1PM) and Saturday (10AM-6PM). Spaces are limited to 10 people. To RSVP, please email me at mlray at fsu.edu.


Workshop description:
SENSING INFRASTRUCTURE will be a 2-day workshop about tools and techniques for space exploration in the Tallahassee area. Participants will walk along a portion of the 14.3-mile-long path traced by the Tallahassee Fiber Loop, a piece of anonymous infrastructure that will act as our guide. The TFL is a buried fiber optic cable that surrounds the Tallahassee area and provides high speed networking connections for research and commercial clients, but for the purposes of this workshop it will function primarily as a structuring device for seeing the region from an unconventional perspective. How does this otherwise-invisible piece of technology inhabit and occupy space? As a line, does it act as a connector or a boundary? Does it create new spaces or is the
surrounding landscape left unchanged? As we walk, we will discuss and use tools for sensing and recording space ranging from drawing and photography to 3D scanning and WIFI network logging. Simultaneously, we will experiment with actions and techniques that provide algorithmic structure to our exploration in a tradition spanning Situationist and Surrealist games to contemporary architectural sites studies.

Workshop participants should bring cameras, sketchbooks, audio recorders, or any other materials/tools they wish to use to document the space we will move through.

Recommended Readings for Workshop Participants:
PDF's are available here:
http://slowerinternet.com/FSU/FSU_readings_bonus.zip (optional)

"Invisible City (Telecommunication)" from The Infrastructural City (by Kazys Varnelis)
Maps and diagrams of the Las Vegas Strip from Learning from Las Vegas (by Venturi, Scott Brown, Izenour)
"Map Piece" and "Travel Piece" from grapefruit (by Yoko Ono)

bonus readings for the extra motivated:
"Situationist Space" (Thomas F. McDonough)
"Field Conditions" (Stan Allen)


Michelle Ray
Information Assistant/Writer
Facility for Arts Research (FAR)
College of Visual Arts, Theatre & Dance
Florida State University
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