[Art-bastudio] Making Now: Open for Exhange - please come to the opening!

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Thu Feb 13 12:32:31 EST 2014

Dear art undergrads,
I curated this show.  The opening really is not to be missed!  There will be a lot going on.
Hope to see you all there.

(chair, the department of art)

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Making Now: Open for Exchange Catalog<http://info.cvatd.fsu.edu/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Making-Now-FINAL-text.pdf>

The artists of Making Now employ ecosystems of making – from on-line communities to collectives to participatory works.   The tools of the 21st century artist are likely to involve digital wizardry and the artists are persons of goodwill who embrace global awareness and responsible ecology. They also have finely tuned senses of both humor and the absurd. Making Now will be a surprise—an indefinable exhibition bustling with movement, vivid artworks and the incandescent glow of life.

This exhibition features the work of:

AnalogAnalogue<http://analoganalogue.org/>: Kaliveoscopes!
Conrad Bakker<http://www.untitledprojects.com/index3.php>: Untitled Project: Anything You Want
Christie Blizard<http://www.christieblizard.com/>: the give away project
Julietta Cheung<http://juliettacheung.net/>: True Exposure (Cool Shade, Kool-Aid)
Joe Delappe<http://www.delappe.net/>: The 1,000 Drones Project: A Participatory Memorial
Micah Ganske<http://micahganske.com/sculpture.html>
Holly Hanessian<http://www.hollyhanessian.com/projects/touch-in-real-time/>: Touch in Real Time
Owen Mundy<http://owenmundy.com/> and Joelle Dietrick<http://joelledietrick.com/>: 1.5x3.5
John Ensor Parker with Jason Krugman<http://www.codexdynamic.com/>: Artifix Mori
Michael Rees<http://michaelrees.org/>
Judy Rushin<http://www.varianceinvariance.com/>: Variance Invariance (ViV)
Paul Rutkovsky<http://www.facebook.com/pages/DOODLE-CART-Paul-Rutkovsky/289939604471921>: The Doodle Cart
Shane  Aslan Selzer<http://shaneaslanselzer.com/>: What We Care For (an FSU Community Garden)
Student Photographers:  Melissa Artieda, Whitney Borkowski, Justine Bumpers,  Annie Donovan,  Meghan Fretto,  Jasmyne Flournoy,  Crystalyn Hambleton, Amanda Hartsfield, Frankie Ironside, Amanda Maholias, Sarah Meftah, Blake Newton, Amanda Thurston
Portrait Subjects:  Ken Baldauf, Jeff Beekman, Jennifer Buchanan, Carolyn Henne, Beth Hodges, Lynn Hogan, Janet Kistner, Sally McRorie, Andrea Novak
Lisa Waxman<http://interiordesign.fsu.edu/Faculty/Lisa-Waxman> and Jill Pable<http://interiordesign.fsu.edu/Faculty/Jill-B.-Pable>: Making Do, Making Self, Making Home

The opening reception will take place Friday, February 14th from 6-8PM at the Museum of Fine Arts.  This event is free and open to the public.
Also exhibiting until March 30th is the Trevor Bell / Both Sides of the Atlantic<http://mofa.cvatd.fsu.edu/2014/01/trevor-bell-both-sides-of-the-atlantic/> exhibition.
Museum Hours:
Monday - Friday 9am - 4pm
Saturday & Sunday 1-4pm
The museum will be closed Spring Break, March 9-17 except for arranged tours (644-1299).
For more information on the Museum of Fine Arts, visit mofa.cvatd.fsu.edu<http://mofa.cvatd.fsu.edu/>

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