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Please see the below email from Carrie Ann Baade:

This link will take you to the submission page for our Ann Kirn Scholarship Competition:
The file limit is 100MB
Deadline is midnight March 3rd.

For more information, read below:

2013 Ann Kirn Scholarship Award - All Undergraduate Students in the Dept of Art are Eligible


The Ann Kirn Scholarship Award recognizes undergraduate students who have demonstrated exemplary accomplishment or notable potential. Up to $8000 can be awarded in a given year. These scholarships can support research, travel, internships, and other ambitious projects that might not be completed without financial help. Kirn winners will be given the opportunity to report on their results in a public forum, scheduled during the semester after project completion.

If awarded an Ann Kirn Scholarship, students will be asked to submit a proposal outlining their research plans. Scholarship funds must be used within a year from the award date.  The monetary award is in the form of reimbursement for costs of completed project. (Receipts must be presented for this to occur.)

All Media Poster Design Scholarship Competition Guidelines

Design a poster (24 x 42 inches) promoting a specific focus area within the FSU Department of Art’s curriculum. Students should focus on only ONE focus area for their poster design and they must incorporate text as part of their design. In addition to being conceptually inventive and visually compelling, your poster must effectively communicate the curricular options and objectives of the chosen focus area.

Students may submit multiple entries up to a maximum of three. A list of focus areas follows:

3D Extended Media<http://art.fsu.edu/Undergraduate/Focus-Area-Templates-Course-Descriptions/3D-EXTENDED-MEDIA>
Ceramics - Studio Art<http://art.fsu.edu/Undergraduate/Focus-Area-Templates-Course-Descriptions/CERAMICS-STUDIO-ART>
Ceramics - Digital Media<http://art.fsu.edu/Undergraduate/Focus-Area-Templates-Course-Descriptions/CERAMICS-DIGITAL-MEDIA>
Digital + Forms<http://art.fsu.edu/Undergraduate/Focus-Area-Templates-Course-Descriptions/DIGITAL-FORMS>
Interactive Media<%22http://art.fsu.edu/Undergraduate>
Photographic and Artist's Books<%22http://art.fsu.edu/Undergraduate/Focus-Area-Templates->
Print + Media<%22http://art.fsu.edu/Undergraduate/Focus-Are>
Time Based Media<%22http://art.fsu.edu/Undergraduate/Focus-Area-Templates-Course-Descriptions/TIME-BASED-ME>

For more information on FSU’s Focus Areas see:


Jurors: The applications will be reviewed faculty members in the Department of Art.

Criteria of Asessment: As noted above, a wide range of projects can be considered, from research and travel to internships and studio projects. In each case, the jurors will consider the following questions:

  *   How effectively does the poster communicate the mission and curriculum of the focus area?
  *   Is the Poster conceptually inventive and visually compelling?

Submission guidelines:

All students submitting poster designs grant the FSU Department of Art permission to use their design to promote our undergraduate program.  Your poster design must be submitted as a PDF file and should be named with the following schema:

FirstInitial_LastName_AKSP.pdf    -- For example: J_Brown_AKSP.pdf

Students must also submit their Ann Kirn Scholarship Application along with their poster. The application may be submitted as a PDF or as a DOC or DOCX file, and should be named with the following schema:

FirstInitial_LastName_AKSA.doc, docx, or pdf – For example: J_Brown_AKSA.docx

A complete application will consist of the 1 page application form and a PDF of a 24” x 42” poster design. These two documents must be submitted at the same time using FSU’s Dropbox: TBA.

Deadline: Digital applications are due by March 3, 2013 at midnight. Award decisions will be made no later than March 31 and recipients will be notified the following week.

Use of Images: All entrants agree that any image they submit to the Ann Kirn Scholarship may be used for marketing and promotional purposes directly related to the Department of Art at FSU.   This use may include but not limited to publication in any printed materials, advertisements, electronic media, internet, catalog, dvd, magazine.  Any image used shall carry a credit line of the designer, copyright and all other rights remain that of the designer.

More Information: An information session on this opportunity is scheduled for the next ASL meeting by Professor Carrie Baade <cjonesbaade at fsu.edu<mailto:cjonesbaade at fsu.edu>>

Thank you!

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