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Hi All,

The College of Visual Arts, Theatre and Dance is excited to announce that they are in the process of hiring a new Director for the Master Craftsman Studios.  Interim Dean T. Lynn Hogan of theCollege of Visual Arts, Theatre & Dance is delighted to invite you to a series of Open Forums highlighting three accomplished individuals’ contributions to the fields of craftsmanship and public art. Please join us to view presentations of works and discussion of experiences. Each session will close in a participatory Q&A session.


Tuesday, February 19th
Room 2041   William Johnston Building

Kenneth Von Roenn, MA: Kenneth received his Masters in Architecture from Yale University in 1981, and is a graduate of Florida State University (1970). Presently, he serves as Founder/President of two companies in Louisville, KY: Architectural Glass Art, Inc. and Glassworks, LLC. He was awarded the Kentucky Governor’s Award for the Arts in 2011, and commissions include a wide range of locations both domestically and internationally, with an extensive body of ecclesiastical commissions. “The experience that comes from successfully executing more projects with greater diversity becomes the catalyst for growth for it provides more opportunities,” Von Roenn writes.


Wednesday, February 20th
Room 249 Fine Arts Building

Erik Blome, MFA: Erik achieved his MFA in 1992 from Boston University and now owns a sculpture studio near Chicago. Figurative Art Studio, LLC, now in its 12th year of operations, has completed more than 40 public monuments and sculptures in 16 different states throughout the nation. He previously served as a faculty member at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco where his teaching focused on sculptural issues such as site-specific monument design, figure sculpting, and casting. Blome received a U.S. Fulbright Teaching Grant to Egypt in 2011-2012.  “I have a strong interest and much experience creating site specific artworks and working closely with architects,” Blome writes. Recent works include a monument to the victims of 9/11 near Chicago, which incorporated beams from the wreckage of the World Trade Center in New York City.


Tuesday, February 26th
Room 2041 William Johnston Building

Brett Waller, BFA: Brett Waller achieved his BFA in 1987 from Virginia Commonwealth University and currently works in the field of production design, focusing on concept development and design for themed attractions and featured films. He has over 25 years of experience as a production artist and designer in this domain. His projects can be found everywhere from Hong Kong (Omni Deep Dive) to Mexico City (Jose Morelos Museum). His focus is to work in “production, design and development of projects for a broad range of media and environments.” His business is presently located in Jacksonville, Florida.
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